DApps & More

We will be updating on different fields of application and uses cases of blockchain.


Distributed AI

Distributed and accessible AI models via blockchain


Blockchain & Agriculture

Food security, integrity and safety via blockchain.


Blockchain in E-Procurement for Construction

Blockchain can make the procurement process more open and easily verifiable.

Blockchain & Marketing

Disintermediation & compacting click fraud in  marketing using blockchain.

Blockchain & Marketing

Reinforcing Trust, Transparency and Enhancing Privacy Protection using blockchain.
bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining

How renewable energy producers can increase their profitability with the help of bitcoin miners.

paaaport icon

Digital Health Passport

Use blockchain to issue immutable and secure covid-19 digital passports.

Crypto Exchange Hack

A brief history of how the crypto exchanges are hacked.


Maritime Insurance

Reduce risks associated with freights with the help of blockchain.


Use blockchain to fight against counterfeiting in FMCG and Pharmaceuticals.

Supply Chain

Use blockchain to track the products across the supply chain to maintain trust and free flow of information.

Decentralized Marketplace

Online marketplace free of central authorities where people across the globe can trade.

Digital Certificates

Use Blockchain to issue tamper proof digital certificates.

food tracking

Decentralized food source tracking

Secure flow of information by sharing a unique version of truth.

Decentralized Charity

Create charity application where data is transparent.